Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Question #18

Who was your best friend in high school? Journaling: I have known Shannon since I was about 8 or so, but we became close in 1985 at Mountain Missions in New Hampshire. We shared a tent and conspired with each other to send messages to our boyfriends (there was a strict no boyfriend policy!) Later, my sister, Amy, Shannon and I formed a trio called ‘Vintage’. We sang in local coffee houses, church functions, etc. We were even on TV once! (A telethon for a local Christian station, heehee) I haven’t seen Shannon in years but if we were to suddenly meet on the sidewalk one day, it would be as if no time at all had passed.

Sherry and I became friends in my Junior year of high school. We always had so much fun. We goofed around, made each other laugh. We hung out together all the time, spent the weekend at the beach, went to Disney World, were camp counselors together, even shared the same job at least three times. After getting married and moving away, we drifted apart but have recently reconnected. It’s been fun reminiscing with each other.

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