Thursday, October 29, 2009

WE'RE IN! (two months ago!)

I know I haven’t blogged much lately, but I didn’t realize it’s been SO long! I’ve posted a few odds and ends but the last time I really journaled was TWO MONTHS AGO! Yikes, I have some catching up to do!

I left you right before the big move. Here’s what happened. We were to close on Monday, August 31st. We had to be out of the house by then. But, because our new house was owned by a relocation company, they would not let us move in until after the closing. So, we loaded up the biggest Uhaul we could find and borrowed a large van from the youth group, and moved everything out on Saturday. That left us Sunday to clean before our closing on Monday morning. We thought about staying in a hotel those two nights but decided we would save the money and ‘camp out’ in the house. It would be fun! We kept two twin mattresses, 3 sleeping bags, a small tv, a cooler, a weekends worth of clothes, and the cleaning supplies. All of this (hopefully) would fit in our van when it was time to leave.

A bunch of guys came over to load the truck on Saturday. We had fun that night. We ordered Chinese take-out and watched a DVD on Dean’s laptop. On Sunday, two of my friends, Brandy and Sam, came over to help me clean. That night, we walked around the clean, empty house to ‘say goodbye’. Although we were very happy to move, the kids were a little sad to leave the only home they’ve ever known. On Monday morning, we sent the kids to school with plans to take the bus home to our NEW HOUSE! I spent the morning packing everything (very tightly) into the van, then vacuumed and left. I went to the library to use the computer and check my email, etc. until go time. Our meeting was scheduled for 11 am. At about 10:30 Dean called to tell me the meeting was moved up to 1pm. Apparently, the buyers of our house had a hiccup (the lender dropped the ball) and they wouldn’t be ready by eleven. So after leaving the library I went to get lunch. Then I got another phone call saying the closing wouldn’t be until Tuesday! Arrgh! This was so disappointing on so many levels! I had to go unload the van again, ALL THAT STUFF! Then I had to go to the new house to pick up the kids who would all go there after school and tell them we can’t move in yet. And then add the niggling fear that something was going to go wrong and we wouldn’t sell the house. I REALLY needed to not think about that possibility.

Anyway, skip ahead to THURSDAY!!!!!! We finally closed on our house Thursday evening. Even though we couldn’t close on the new house until Friday am, the relocation company had mercy on us and let us sleep there that night. When we decided it would be fun to camp out at the house for a couple nights, we did not intend to be there for five nights! Remember, we only had a weekends worth of clothes! I had to go to the laundry mat to make those stretch.

So, we are all moved in (mostly) and loving our new home and neighborhood. The neighbors are great and even came out and helped move furniture! All three kids have friends in the neighborhood. Alyssa reconnected with a good friend she made in 6th grade and walks to school with her. She is in the 8th grade now and loves her new school and already has several good friends. Kai has moved up to 6th grade this year and has joined the band. He plays the bassoon! Roan’s new school is great. It’s only 4 years old so it’s still all nice and shiny! His teacher’s name is Mrs. Smiley, and his music teacher is Ms. Smore. How can you not have fun with them? He’s already made several friends, three who live in our neighborhood!

We’ve been very busy since, though, so we haven’t personalized much yet. We are hosting our church small group now, though, so that’s fun. Anyway, that’s it about the move. More catch-up later!

Roan Quote: "God could turn us all into SpongeBob people if he wanted to."

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I feel the need to release a little bit of exasperated maternal steam. Here is the conversation I had just a few minutes ago with my eleven year old son:

Son: May I build a fire in the fire place?

Mom: No, Dad and I are leaving in a little while and I don't want to leave a fire burning while we're gone.

Son: We can put it out before you leave.

Mom: No we can't, these firelogs are only supposed to be put out with a fire extinguisher or if necessary carefully with water. (So say the directions on the firelog I just bought)

Son: Please?

Mom: No. Tomorrow night we are having company and we'll light one then.

At this point as far as I was concerned, the conversation was over. I was getting dressed a few minutes later when I suddenly heard the fire alarm go off. I went downstairs to find that Kai had started a fire without opening the flu. The house was filling with smoke and the alarm was doing damage to my eardrums. I couldn't figure out how to shut the stupid thing off. I even ripped it off the wall and it was still going. It eventually shut off by itself. I admit I went a bit postal. I asked him what on earth he was doing, I said not to light a fire! He said,"But you said yes!"

You know that piercing tone you hear on your TV that announces an emergency? That was the sound I was hearing at this point, and it wasn't the fire alarm.

I think my son needs a few lessons in communication.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Roan Quote

While helping Roan do his homework, we had this conversation:

Roan: "Ahhh, I'm a backwards Monkey!"

Mom: "Why are you a backwards Monkey?"

Roan: "Because I always write my letters backwards."

Mom: "But why are you a backwards Monkey?"

Roan: "Because I always write my letters backwards!"

Mom: "Do Monkeys always write their letters backwards?"


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everything is Amazing and Nobody's Happy

Ok, this was just too funny. And true!