Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! -May 10

Once my kid's were all in school, I needed to find a part-time job. For about a year I was a substitute teacher. I really wanted flexibility when it came time to being home when my kids were home and substituting worked out nicely except I needed more work than I was getting.

I needed a permanent position and it occurred to me that a job with the school would be perfect because for the most part, I could keep the same hours as my kids including holidays & summers. Believe it or not, out of all the positions I had 'sampled', the one I enjoyed the most was in the cafeteria. I know, it's not glamorous, but my goal was not to get the most prestigious job, or even one with the most money. My primary goal was to be home with my kids as much as possible and this was the best way to accomplish that. So I kept an eye out for an opening and since I already had a foot in the door with the school system, was able to step right in when one came available. And it was at the school I wanted! I work with a great bunch of people.

One of the things we do, which I love, is fix a private lunch for each other on our individual birthdays. Johnny does most of the cooking (AND IT IS GOOD!) but it wouldn't happen without Susan's planning and enthusiasm. This past year was my first and for my birthday lunch, they made me (at my request) BBQ Chicken, Corn Bread, Collard Greens, Rutabagas, and Pineapple Upside down Cake for dessert. YUM! Thank you, Susan, Johnny, Angel, Julie, and Erin! You're the best!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our New House in the Spring-April

One particularly fun element of the first year in a new house, is discovering the differences during each season. We moved in during September, so it was fun watching which trees might turn which colors. Then, in the winter time, we enjoyed having a fire place for the first time and had the added unlikely surprise of getting to see what our house looks like in the snow. Now, it's spring! I have have so enjoyed watching to see what blooms. I love that we have a dogwood tree in the front yard.
But my favorite by far, are the roses! I've never had roses before. In the spring they bloom all over the side of my house and over the garage! I can't tell you the joy they have given me!
I even have a few in the back yard. Look at the size of this one!
Thank you, Jesus, for our new house, for the ROSES! I am so grateful!

OSCAR!!!-April 7

I was so excited that my sisters came to visit with their kids, including OSCAR, my newest nephew! We haven't seen a whole lot of him so, it was fun to get to hang out a bit and get to know him better. Although, he wouldn't come within 10 feet of me. Thought I was a big scary monster, I guess. That's OK though, I enjoyed him from a distance! As long as I didn't get too close, I'd even get some smiles :) We went to the mall and rode on the carousel, which I believe was Oscar's first time.
We also went to the Zoo which was another first. He had a blast!

We love you Oscar! Thanks for coming to visit us!

Kai's 12th Birthday-April 16

Kai had a couple friends spend the night for his birthday. He got Band Hero for his birthday, so they spent the WHOLE time playing it! They even got pretty creative with the vocals :)I asked him what kind of cake he wanted. I fully expected him to say chocolate cake with chocolate icing because that is what he has ALWAYS asked for. But, he surprised me with pound cake with butterscotch chips!??? Where did that come from? I've never even made a pound cake before, so I googled a recipe that looked good and it was a big hit!

Semi-Formal Dance-April 23

Alyssa went to the 8th grade Semi-Formal Dance. First one. She went shopping with a friend to buy a dress all by herself. First time. *sigh* She and her friends had a great time and after the dance went to her friend, Jessica's, house for an 'after party'. I am so thankful. Alyssa has been blessed with a great group of friends that are good kids, trustworthy, whose parents I know and trust and all go to youth group together.

8th Grade D.C. Trip-March 30

Alyssa's 8th grade class went to Washington D.C. for three days! They had so much fun. They left at 10pm and drove through the night. They even wore their pajamas on the bus! Dean let Alyssa bring his camera, so she enjoyed taking lots of pics.

Our South Carolina Junior Scholar-March 22

One reason I love our new house...January 31