Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our New House in the Spring-April

One particularly fun element of the first year in a new house, is discovering the differences during each season. We moved in during September, so it was fun watching which trees might turn which colors. Then, in the winter time, we enjoyed having a fire place for the first time and had the added unlikely surprise of getting to see what our house looks like in the snow. Now, it's spring! I have have so enjoyed watching to see what blooms. I love that we have a dogwood tree in the front yard.
But my favorite by far, are the roses! I've never had roses before. In the spring they bloom all over the side of my house and over the garage! I can't tell you the joy they have given me!
I even have a few in the back yard. Look at the size of this one!
Thank you, Jesus, for our new house, for the ROSES! I am so grateful!

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