Monday, September 21, 2009

Question #30

What is a favorite hobby of yours?Journaling: I love photography! It's a fun hobby of mine. I've even entered some contests. I won grand prize in one! I also have a blog to display some of my favorite pictures.

Question #29

(I skipped #28 for now, but I'll come back to it!)

What was your first car?

Journaling: 1973 Buick Century. I loved that car! It was a tank and had some serious horse power. It was brown and ugly but I loved it. For some reason I can’t explain, I called it ‘my lil’ brown mule’.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Question #27

Using today's internet technology, what is a typical week on the internet for you?

Journaling: I have a blog that I try to update fairly regularly. It serves as a journal of my family’s daily life. I have another blog where I post my favorite photography. I keep in touch with others through facebook. Blogs that I like to read are my sister, Andrea’s, blog ‘Lil-kid-things’, Dean’s blog ‘Zero to Boston’, ‘Debby’s Dare’, ‘Cake-Wrecks’, ‘Cute Overload’, ‘15 Minute Lunch’, ‘Stuff Christians Like’, ‘Dooce’ and ‘To Every Man a Manswer’. I generally like light-hearted sites that make me laugh. Of course, I also frequent several digi-scrapping web-sites! My favorites are: Peppermint Creative, Shabby Princess, Scrap Girls, Memory Makers, Summertime Designs, and WaterLo Project.