Thursday, September 27, 2007

This is Awesome!

A mom (Anita Renfroe) has condensed everything a mom might say to her kids in 24 hours into less than 3 minutes - to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

Busy, Busy, Busy....

But not a lot to say! Life is just happening, school, homework, karate, choir, Dr. Appts., FamJam rehearsals, worship team rehearsals, etc.

Dean and I just started going to a new small group to take the 'Love & Respect' class. We've heard it's really good, and decided it can't hurt! Unfortunately, it's on Wednesday night. That's a problem. Wednesday, after school, Alyssa has Honor Choir and Kai has Karate. Now that we've added this small group, it leaves almost NO time for homework.

This past Monday I went with my friend, Deborah, to the Riverbanks Botanical Gardens to take pictures. They're having a garden photo contest that we want to enter. Look at my photoblog to see some of my favorites. We had a lot of fun! I may take Alyssa back because there is a youth division and she wants to enter, too. Also, Kai, Alyssa, and I have entered a scrapbook page in the State Fair. Last year, Kai and Alyssa both won a ribbon!

Yesterday, Roan celebrated his birthday at school. It was a couple weeks late but he was thrilled to have his party at school with all of his friends. He had a Superman party. 22 days until Disney! Yipee!

Roan Quote: "Mommy, I hurt my 'thumb toe'. "

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's Here! It's Here!

This is the most awesome and fun barbershop performance from Andrea's wedding featuring the bride and groom and two friends. It was so much fun!

La Familia

Monday, September 10, 2007


Can I just say how crazy things have been? I thought August was bad. I thought if I could just make it to the other side of Andrea's wedding, things would slow down. BOY was I wrong. We're only 10 days into September and I've already:

  • been out of town for a week
  • celebrated Roan's b-day
  • made 4 doctor's appts.
  • had my first high-tech worship team rehearsal
  • had Roan's first day of pre-school
  • had Alyssa's first dance
  • had Dean out of town for 3 days to run 200 mile Blue Ridge Relay
  • signed the kids up for this year's karate
  • taken Kai to auditions for Honor Choir
  • started working out
  • made 8 dinner reservations for Disney in Oct.
  • been getting ready for Tot-Trade

...and the rest of the month is not looking much better! Whew! Calgon, take me away!

Roan Quote: I was listening to a Toby Mac CD in the van. Roan asked who was singing. After I told him, he said, "His voice sounds like daddy's voice, only daddy isn't really good at singing songs, only these guys are good at singing songs."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rock + Head = OUCH!

Dean, Kai and Alyssa could not come to Boone with Roan and I because they had school, but they came up for the weekend. While they were there, Alyssa was hit in the head with a rock thrown by a child who shall remain nameless. She was bleeding all over the place so we took her to the emergency room just to be safe. She ended up with two stitches which she was VERY nervous about but ended up being no big deal. Now she is thoroughly enjoying telling everyone her story!

I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR ONE AND ALL! Yesterday was Roan's 5th birthday and while we have not had his party yet, he has asked me to blog about how he is so happy that he is 5 years old. So, done and done. Happy Birthday Roan!

Roan Quote: Mommy said, "Roan, be careful with that, it's Alyssa's." Roan replied, "I know. Mommy, I DO know a LOT of things. Seriously."

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Grandfather Mountain

Roan and I have been in Boone, NC for the last week visiting my sister and family. One day, she was at work and the cousins in school, so I had a day to kill. I took Roan to Grandfather Mountain. First we stopped at 'Split Rock'. It was pretty cool. It dwarfed Roan as he posed beneath it. You could easily see right where the rock split in half. We then went to see the animals. They had a nature museam and gift shop. Right next to it was an animal sactuary where you could see native animals in their natural habitat. They had deer, otters, bears, cougars and eagles.The animals were beautiful and we had a lot of fun. Next we wanted to see the Mile High Swinging Bridge. We stopped when we saw the trail to the bridge. Roan and I climbed .4 mile on a very rugged trail practically straight up in flip flops! It about killed me but we finally made it to the top and saw our first view of the mile high bridge.....right next the the parking lot. Yup, the parking lot. We could have driven. I wanted to keel over and die right there. LOL! We crossed the bridge and took pictures. Roan wasn't the least bit scared, and I wasn't as uneasy as I thought I might be. When we were done, I considered trying to hitch a ride back to our van but decided to suck it up and we climbed back down. We had a great day, just the two of us!