Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rock + Head = OUCH!

Dean, Kai and Alyssa could not come to Boone with Roan and I because they had school, but they came up for the weekend. While they were there, Alyssa was hit in the head with a rock thrown by a child who shall remain nameless. She was bleeding all over the place so we took her to the emergency room just to be safe. She ended up with two stitches which she was VERY nervous about but ended up being no big deal. Now she is thoroughly enjoying telling everyone her story!

I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR ONE AND ALL! Yesterday was Roan's 5th birthday and while we have not had his party yet, he has asked me to blog about how he is so happy that he is 5 years old. So, done and done. Happy Birthday Roan!

Roan Quote: Mommy said, "Roan, be careful with that, it's Alyssa's." Roan replied, "I know. Mommy, I DO know a LOT of things. Seriously."


Anonymous said...

OMG seriously. SO funny! Gotta love the little guy. Happy Birthday Roan!!


Deborah said...

Give Roan and very BIG Happy Birthday from you friend Deborah.

Dean said...

Blood everywhere. Wailing, travail, and histrionics.

- Dean