Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Grandfather Mountain

Roan and I have been in Boone, NC for the last week visiting my sister and family. One day, she was at work and the cousins in school, so I had a day to kill. I took Roan to Grandfather Mountain. First we stopped at 'Split Rock'. It was pretty cool. It dwarfed Roan as he posed beneath it. You could easily see right where the rock split in half. We then went to see the animals. They had a nature museam and gift shop. Right next to it was an animal sactuary where you could see native animals in their natural habitat. They had deer, otters, bears, cougars and eagles.The animals were beautiful and we had a lot of fun. Next we wanted to see the Mile High Swinging Bridge. We stopped when we saw the trail to the bridge. Roan and I climbed .4 mile on a very rugged trail practically straight up in flip flops! It about killed me but we finally made it to the top and saw our first view of the mile high bridge.....right next the the parking lot. Yup, the parking lot. We could have driven. I wanted to keel over and die right there. LOL! We crossed the bridge and took pictures. Roan wasn't the least bit scared, and I wasn't as uneasy as I thought I might be. When we were done, I considered trying to hitch a ride back to our van but decided to suck it up and we climbed back down. We had a great day, just the two of us!


Deborah said...

what wonderful pictures and memories for Roan. I've been up that way camping and you were brave to go across that bridge....but you know me and bridges. I've missed you.

Andrea said...

Whoa that rock looks like it split into the shapes of NC and SC just like on a map...is that part of the "thing" ??? Seriously.

Angie said...

LOL! I didn't notice that. No, I don't think that's part of the 'thing'!