Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy....

But not a lot to say! Life is just happening, school, homework, karate, choir, Dr. Appts., FamJam rehearsals, worship team rehearsals, etc.

Dean and I just started going to a new small group to take the 'Love & Respect' class. We've heard it's really good, and decided it can't hurt! Unfortunately, it's on Wednesday night. That's a problem. Wednesday, after school, Alyssa has Honor Choir and Kai has Karate. Now that we've added this small group, it leaves almost NO time for homework.

This past Monday I went with my friend, Deborah, to the Riverbanks Botanical Gardens to take pictures. They're having a garden photo contest that we want to enter. Look at my photoblog to see some of my favorites. We had a lot of fun! I may take Alyssa back because there is a youth division and she wants to enter, too. Also, Kai, Alyssa, and I have entered a scrapbook page in the State Fair. Last year, Kai and Alyssa both won a ribbon!

Yesterday, Roan celebrated his birthday at school. It was a couple weeks late but he was thrilled to have his party at school with all of his friends. He had a Superman party. 22 days until Disney! Yipee!

Roan Quote: "Mommy, I hurt my 'thumb toe'. "

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Deborah said...

I've been watching your photo blog and anything I do will pale in comparison to you. You have an eye to capature the unbeliveable. At least I can say I knew you when.