Monday, September 10, 2007


Can I just say how crazy things have been? I thought August was bad. I thought if I could just make it to the other side of Andrea's wedding, things would slow down. BOY was I wrong. We're only 10 days into September and I've already:

  • been out of town for a week
  • celebrated Roan's b-day
  • made 4 doctor's appts.
  • had my first high-tech worship team rehearsal
  • had Roan's first day of pre-school
  • had Alyssa's first dance
  • had Dean out of town for 3 days to run 200 mile Blue Ridge Relay
  • signed the kids up for this year's karate
  • taken Kai to auditions for Honor Choir
  • started working out
  • made 8 dinner reservations for Disney in Oct.
  • been getting ready for Tot-Trade

...and the rest of the month is not looking much better! Whew! Calgon, take me away!

Roan Quote: I was listening to a Toby Mac CD in the van. Roan asked who was singing. After I told him, he said, "His voice sounds like daddy's voice, only daddy isn't really good at singing songs, only these guys are good at singing songs."


Deborah said...

One thing on your list you haven't haven't made a lunch/brunch date with you scrappy friend!

Dean said...

So, if I were to add 100 things to the list, you'd be ok with it?

- Dean