Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Question #15

The air conditioner is still broken, so here I am. It's only 72 degrees outside this morning, but 84 inside my house. Grrrr.

Did you have a pet as a child, and what do you remember about your pet?

Journaling: We had lots of pets; gerbils, hamster, 2 dogs, several cats, turtles, guinea pig, parakeets, love birds, and cockatiels. But my favorite pets were a cockatiel named Casey and a cat named Shalom. Casey could say ‘hello’ and mimic whistling sounds. When I would walk home from school, as soon as he saw me through the window, he would start squawking. I could hear him outside. He would keep it up until I walked in the door. We had small group meetings at our house. He would be quiet the whole time, during dinner, and talking, but as soon as we all started singing, he would sing, too, with the prettiest trills. I loved that bird!

Shalom was a long haired cat that looked like a Maine Coon Cat only not quite as big. He was the perfect cat. He put up with just about anything (including being put in dolls clothes and walking around on a leash!). When cooking dinner, he would mill around the kitchen, and if you didn’t give him something to eat, he would bite your ankle. If you stalked him, then pounced, he would jump two feet into the air! He was the best cat ever!

*Yes, my sweatpants are tucked into my socks. Gotta love the eighties!

Roan Quote: Roan asked me if he could go to Mad Science Camp. I said that wasn't going to happen right now. He said, "But mommy, the commercial said it's fun and educational!"

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Anonymous said...

awww i love those pics! Another fave is shalom hanging from the mantle in a christmas stocking!