Sunday, June 14, 2009

All the Cousins on a Camel

Friday, Amy and her kiddos came for a visit. We went to Edventure which is always fun. They have a new butterfly exhibit, too. At one point we got all the kids up on a camel for a picture:

Even Oscar was there! ;)

One of Kai's friends stayed with us for the weekend, too. Saturday, we basically hung out at the pool all day. In the evening, Roan had a friend spend the night. Tonight we're going to go to a cookout. So, busy weekend, but the fun kind!

ROAN QUOTE: We had a fun time this weekend, but now Roan is exhausted. This morning in church, he'd finally reached his limit and told daddy, "I'm just ready for my life to go back to normal."

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Andrea said...

AHAHAH!!! I was JUST about to say..not ALL the cousins...and then I saw him!!! Love it. and I love the Roan quote!