Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Question #11

What was your best teenage moment? (See? I told you I'd come back to #11!)Journaling: When I was 19, I went to YWAM, ‘Youth With A Mission’. I lived in Dumbarton, Scotland in a grand mansion called ‘Overtoun House’ for three months. We worked and studied and every weekend participated in street evangelism in Glasgow. We roamed the beautiful countryside, visited Edinburgh, took LOTS of pictures and made good friends. At the end of the three months of preparation, we went to Hamburg, Germany for three weeks. We worked with the Red Cross, and spoke/performed in local churches and the University. I sang in the band. It was a wonderful faith lifting experience. It played an important part in the budding relationship with my future husband. Also, while technically an adult, I was still in my ‘teens’, and going out of the country by myself, navigating international airports by myself and hailing my own taxi in Glasgow were all very new and scary to me. This trip was definitely a highlight of my ‘teen’ years.

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Debby said...

What a great moment in your life. You never forget the mission trips you go on. They impact your life always. Great job on the layout.