Monday, February 4, 2008

Artist in Residence

Alyssa did such a great job on her latest project that I just have to show you. She had to choose two things from a list of projects. Since she love art she chose the two crafty options. The first thing she had to make was a homemade catapult. We found instructions on the internet and this she did a great job, but what I want to show you is her 2nd project. She had to make models of the three main styles of Roman/Greek columns. Here is an illustration of the three types:
Here are her creations which she made all by herself with only a little guidance from me:

Didn't she do great?

Culture Quote: "'My books are about killing God.' So said Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass, the movie version of which is soon to be released. One expects that religious parents will keep their children away from the film. 'But why?' the question arises from liberals. 'What are you afraid of?' My children losing God, especially before they have a firm hold on Him, that's what. At some point they will question the existence of God. I did. It's normal to do so. I want more than anything else I want for my children, even their own happiness in this life, for them to believe in God, who is their salvation. If you believe in God, and that the loss of God is the worst thing that can happen to a person, then you would sooner give your child a rattlesnake to play with than expose him or her at an early age to the work of a man who openly says he wishes to destroy God in the minds of his audience." — contributor Rod Dreher [, 11/2/07]

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Debby said...

This better be posted on Alyssa's blog. Wow, on top of Wow! You must have spent a lot of time on this. You are so creative.