Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mom Update

The doctors warned her that today when she woke up she would feel really sore, discovering parts of her body she never knew existed, and that her face would look worse. However, she woke up this AM and looked in the mirror and she looks a great deal better! She still has a black eye but she feels pretty good! So thanks for you prayers!
As the car situation goes, they won't be able to get it for two weeks which means they'll have to go back down to pick it up which is a 15 hr drive one way. However, even though the guy who hit her is uninsured, there is some kind of provision for cases like that. I don't know details but they will be able to get a rental car for the next two weeks possibly as early as today. They will be staying where they are until the stitches are removed then returning to Tampa for another day or two before returning home this weekend. So again, thanks for your continued prayers!

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