Monday, January 28, 2008

Car Accident

This is just a heads up and request for prayer. My mom was rear-ended today down in Florida. She and dad have been traveling around Florida meeting with friends and stuff. She is doing alright. She did go to the emergency room and basically spent most of the day there getting tests, etc. She got seven stitches and a black eye but she was discharged this evening.
Prayer Requests:
  1. Obviously that she will heal quickly and be in a minimum amount of pain.
  2. That they can figure out car stuff, etc. quickly because they've been traveling for a week already and are ready to go home but can't now because they've been told the car cannot be driven.
  3. The guy who hit her has no insurance, so pray for their finances, etc.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Debby said...

Pass my good thoughts to your mother and father, my thankfulness that they are okay and let them know my prayers are with them. Oh, Angie I'm glad their okay.