Friday, February 15, 2008


I was all set to do an anniversary post, even had it on the calendar, but I missed it! Oh well. Two days ago was the 2nd anniversary of my blog! I have totally love it! I have tried for years to keep a journal, really since I was a kid, but it never lasted. But, this works for me. So, in celebration I will post again my very first post. Here it is Ladies and Gents:
Monday, February 13, 2006

What did I get???

So I go grocery shopping at Walmart, walk out of the store with my cart overflowing, bags hanging over the edge, stuff under the cart, over $160 of stuff. Of course, the alarm goes off. I dig my receipt out while the man walks over. He takes my receipt and pen in hand looks at me and asks, "What did you get?" Blank stare. Huh? He asks again. "What did you get?" I look back at my overflowing cart and said, (slightly dumbfounded) "What do you mean what did I get? I got a lot of stuff." (gesturing towards the cart) Then in an effort to end this quickly I just grabbed the largest ticket item which happened to be at the bottom of the receipt and suggested maybe that was it. He said yes (like he knew)and marked it on his sheet. Kinda reminds me of the time my husband and I went to the North Carolina State Fair. It was a rainy night but we had free tickets, so we went anyway. Well, as expected, most of the rides were shut down. Mostly the only things open were the indoor displays. But we decided to see if any rides might be open and we happened upon a "Fun" house. A guy was out front, so we asked if the ride was open, he said yes, we gave him our tickets and entered the ride. Once inside, we realized nothing was moving or doing anything and all the lights were on. Confused, we basically just walked through a trailer. When we came out, we told the man. No jest, he said "I know, we can't turn it on because of the rain." Dean and I looked at each other, definately dumbfounded, and asked the man if we can have our tickets back. He says no (!!!) the ticket box is locked and he doesn't have a key."But," he says, "I'll let you go through again!" NO LIE. While I'm at it, I might as well add the time a saleswoman asked my birthdate while showing my ID. I answered, " 5-10-69." She asked, "1969?"

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