Monday, February 11, 2008


I've not much to write about, just normal life, so here are a few miscellaneous items of interest just for fun.

I love his accent! So cute.

Culture Quote: After analyzing 41 studies conducted since 1963, University of Michigan researchers L. Rowell Huesmann and Brad Bushman concluded that violent media—including television, film and video games—poses a significant public health threat. Huesmann summarized their findings by saying, "Media violence increases the risk significantly that the viewer or game player will behave more violently both in the short and long run. ... Exposure to violent electronic media has a larger effect than all but one other well-known threat to public health. The only effect slightly larger than the effect of media violence on aggression is that of cigarette smoking on lung cancer." [Reuters, 11/28;, 11/29/07]

Roan Quote: We took the kids to CiCi's Pizza. We don't often give them money for the video games but this time we gave each kid a dollar in quarters. After a while we told them it was time to go and Roan said, "But, I'm not done wasting my quarters!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey Angie!

I was trying to find your email address through your blog, but was unsuccessful. Soooo...I'll just leave a comment and hope you see it! I'm in town for a few days and Scott and I were wondering if you and Dean wanted to hang out sometime. It could be a dinner out with or without kids, playing games at your house, whatever. Probably Friday or Saturday night. We're flexible. :) Watcha think?

-Betty Anne (