Thursday, November 1, 2007

MGM Studios

We slept in a little because of our late night, then we were off to MGM Studios. We took the bus this time. None of us have ever been to MGM before (except Dean has run through twice during marathons but I told him that doesn't count!). Dean was looking forward to this park because he loves movies. First thing we did was go on the Star Wars ride. That was cool. Also, outside the ride they had an ewok village and a life-size AT-AT. Inside the ride was R2D2 and other stuff. It was really cool. The ride was like a flight simulator.
After Star Wars we went to the Indiana Jones stunt show. This was really fun because the set was great, and everything was very well done. But, the best part was Dean was selected to come up on the stage with a few other people to be extras. (He's the tall one towards the middle with the turban)
Also, they picked Dean to have a death scene! He did great and the audience loved it, and the kids were thrilled. That was a lot of fun.

We went on a back-lot tour, and the kids played on the 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground. We had lunch at Mama Melrose Italian. This was a table-service restaurant, the only one all week that I think we were truly dissatisfied with. Dean's main complaint was they did not serve bread before the meal. He says, "What kind of Italian Restaurant doesn't serve bread?"

We went to the Muppet 3-D show which we basically did because it was there, not because any of the kids are big fans of the muppets at this point, but when we went in, it was JUST like the auditorium where the 'Muppet Show' takes place including the balcony with Statler and Waldorf! (the two grouchy old men who heckle the act) I loved that, it was the best part of the show!
In the evening we went to 'Fantasmic'. I had heard really good things about the show, so we made sure we made time for it. Unfortunately, it started raining about an hour before the show. You have to get your outdoor seats early if you want to see it, so we sat in our ponchos in the rain for an hour,then when it started, even though the rain was mostly done, wind was blowing the smoke from the fireworks,etc. right over us so we really couldn't see very well.

After the show, we went on the Rockin' Roller Coaster. This is like the new Space Mountain. It is indoors and dark, but better. The only thing I didn't like was that at the very beginning the coaster goes from 0-60 mph in like 3 seconds. Other than that, it was awesome! Alyssa was again nervous to try it, but did and loved it.

By now it was getting kind-of late and we hadn't had dinner yet, so we went to Pizza Planet (Toy Story) but it was already closed. When we left the park we found out that the bus to our hotel was the longest line, so we waited at least half-an-hour for it. Yeah, we decided not to do the bus thing again. When we finally got back to the hotel, it was closing in on 11pm and we still hadn't eaten dinner so we ate at the hotel food court then went to bed. Thankfully, tomorrow is a somewhat slower day!

Roan Quote: "I can't remember our home!"


Anonymous said...

Your blog reports were GREAT! And Dean's performance was STELLAR! How fun was that? Out of all those people Dean gets picked, and you get a video of him to boot! I am so glad you guys had such a great time.


Debby said...

Please let Dean know I've never laughed so hard! He did fabulous and I hope for an autograph very soon! I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Dean was awesome! Totally cool that he was picked! What a blast!