Friday, November 2, 2007


After two fast and furious days, this next one was a little slower. We slept in and then walked down the meandering path of the Alligator Bayou, over the bridge, to the main part of the hotel where we decided to rent a little Sea Racer.
We did this once when I was a kid, too! They only fit two at a time, so we took turns. We had it for an hour and a half so each kid got 30 minutes. The cool thing is our hotel is connected by waterways to Downtown Disney and 30 minutes was just enough time to get there and back. We let the kids steer (they weren't allowed in the driver's seat) and they loved it. That was a fun family time. Dean took Roan, I took Kai, then Dean took Alyssa. Once Dean and Alyssa left, I took the boys on over to the pool. (They met us there later). This was our first time in the pool. It was really nice and had a cool slide. The kids LOVED it. Especially Roan.


Kai was also a really good big brother. He waited at the bottom of the slide for Roan and helped him feel safe.

Before I joined them, I had a Mango/Vanilla Ice Cream Smoothie from the Muddy Rivers Bar by the pool. Yum! Even I went on the slide, fun memories of my own from River Country going through my head.

After the pool, we went back to our room to clean up then went back to MGM. This time we were smart and just drove our own car. Here's my man and my baby girl:

Since we were at a Disney resort we had free parking, so why not? It was faster than the bus.

(While I'm mentioning Disney resort perks, I'll add a couple more. If you buy something in one of the parks, you can have them send it to the hotel so you don't have to carry it around. Also, when we checked in, we were each given a plastic card that served as door key, our ticket to the parks, our dining plan card and we could charge anything to the room with it so we didn't have to carry around cash. It was awesome!)

When we arrived back at MGM we went straight to Pizza Planet for lunch since we'd missed it the day before. This place was not much to Dean's liking, but it was fun for the kids. We ate upstairs which overlooked an arcade just like in the movie Toy Story. We even let them play a few games before moving on.

We then went to the the Lights, Motor, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. It was awesome and we all loved it, but I just realized I did not take a single photo! Aaargh! I was too busy taking video and somehow managed not one photo! So I'll leave you with this little glimpse:

Thank-you to Amy by the way! My camera got wet and the movie function no longer works. Amy let me borrow her camera. Without it, I wouldn't have gotten Dean's death scene yesterday! After the stunt show, we walked around a bit... ...and rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster again before we went to dinner at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre Restaurant. This was a table service place. It was really cool. Unfortunately, because it was so dark, I didn't get great photos. Basically, all the tables were in cars and faced a large movie screen that played old film clips and cartoons. It was really fun.

By the time dinner was over the park was closing so on the way out we stopped for a traditional silly hat shot and a quick family pic. Goodbye MGM! Back at the hotel, Dean took the kids for a late night swim. I stayed in the room and had a nice long hot bath! Oh, yeeeaaahhh....another big day tomorrow at Epcot!

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