Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Well, things are winding down as you can tell by the few pictures in this post! Today is our last full day. We ate breakfast at the hotel then rented a 'Surrey'. This is a four seater 'bicycle'. Think 'The Flintstones'. We had fun riding around the paths along the water, and over bridges. Roan got to sit up friend and ring the bell to passers-by. After that, we went back to Epcot for lunch reservations at The Coral Reef Restaurant. (table-service) This restaurant is located next to the 'The Seas' aquarium. In fact, one whole wall of the restaurant was the aquarium! It was really cool. We sat in a 'clam shell' booth that faced the water.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for a swim in the pool. Believe it or not, things had cooled down enough by now, that it was pretty chilly for swimming! I braved the water long enough to enjoy the slide one more time, then warmed up in the hot tub. The kids barely seems to notice the cold, of course. Roan's teeth were chattering, but he wouldn't admit he was cold.

We went back to the room and cleaned up before returning to Epcot. This was our last visit to a park. We rode 'Soarin' again, then visited the countries we had missed the first time, Great Britain, Canada, and France. (We had eaten dinner at France, but didn't get the chance to look around then) We bought a couple souvenirs, then headed back to see if we could ride the Speedway one more time but the line was about 2 hours long! At this point, the kids and I went back to the hotel and pretty much straight to bed by 9:30! Dean, however, loves Epcot, and stayed to wander the Showcase some more. He even managed a few more rides. He didn't get back until 1am! We were all worn out from our week of fun, but 'Mr. Marathon' was still raring to go! He enjoyed himself but missed us and that put a damper on the evening for him.

Tomorrow, the road home. (It's longer than you think!)

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