Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Downtown Disney-Home

Well, this is it. Our last day. We ate breakfast at the hotel, then Dean took the kids for one last dip in the pool while I started packing. When we were ready to go, Dean and the kids started bringing stuff to the van when one of our souvenirs was dropped and broke. Not an auspicious start to the day.

Anyway, we wanted to shop around Downtown Disney before we went home, and our last lunch reservations were at Raglan Road located at Downtown Disney. Raglan Road is an Irish Pub and Restaurant. We were so stuffed by the end of this week that the kids did not order dessert! Dean shared a couple bites of his. My dessert was 'Bread & Butter Pudding' and it was the BEST dessert I'd had all week, including even the Creme' Brulee! Unfortunately, I couldn't even eat half of it, I was so full. I wouldn't have eaten what I did if it hadn't been so good.

After lunch, we went straight for the lego store. Dean and the kids had really been looking forward to this. Dean and I had been before, but not the kids. They all LOVE legos. This is how much they love legos:
All those drawers are FULL of legos, some from Dean's childhood. Anyway, we took lots of pictures and they all made a purchase.

Next we went to the toy store, made a couple purchases, and even bought our puzzle for Roan Mountain this year! We went to the scrapbook store, of course, and Ghiradelli's.

I can't believe after this whole week at Disney parks, I actually paid $2 for Roan to ride this train:

When we finally left Downtown Disney, we had one more stop to make. Dean decided to go back to Epcot where he could purchase a ticket, go back in to try to exchange our broken item for a new one (they are very nice about that kind of thing, it seems) and as long as he is out in one hour, he gets his money back. So, he ran in, we waited in the van, and he was back in exactly one hour with the new package. He even had pretzels and frozen lemonade for us all AND it was raining the whole time! Who's the man?!

So, as we were leaving, realizing that we each had 2 more snacks left on our dining plan and not wanting to waste them, we stopped again at Downtown Disney where Dean ran in and got our snacks for the trip home. Whew! We left Orlando at 6:30pm! We got home at 2am Sunday morning. It was a long trip because we were so tired (especially for Dean). The kids all fell asleep by about 10pm and were amazed at how quick the trip home was. LOL.

All this blogging has extended the vacation feeling a bit for me, but now that I'm done, I'm having a belated feeling of the 'We spent over five years planning for this trip and now it's over' doldrums. We had a wonderful family time and hopefully all this blogging will help keep the memories alive, especially for Roan since he's so young.

Roan Quote: While in Downtown Disney on the last day, after shopping, going back to Epcot, then back to Downtown Disney, I said to Roan, "As soon as Daddy gets back, we'll finally go home." Roan said, "Don't say finally!" I asked him why not and he said, "Because we LOVE Disney World!"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful reports. I read every word and relived our trips to Disney when you were young. LOVE, Dad