Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ok, it's getting harder to remember everything! We arrived in Epcot just as it opened and went straight to 'Soarin'. This is a great ride where you are in a 'hang-glider' flying in front of a huge movie screen. You even feel the wind blowing and smell the pine trees. Cool. We then took a boat ride through 'The Land'. This is where they show you all starts of cool stuff about hydroponic plants, fish farming, etc. The fish they serve in the restaurants come from here. It was very interesting. Next we went to the Living Seas with Nemo & friends. It starts out with a cute little ride and when you get off, you're in the aquarium, a really nice two story complex with lots to do. Our favorite was the dolphin show. It was so dark, I didn't get get great pics but here ya go. Also a video.

We went to ride 'Figment' and played on the computers and stuff afterward. Dean and the kids made this:

We saw the "Honey, I shrunk the Audience" 3D movie. That was cool.

After that we walked through part of the World Showcase to Morocco for lunch. Dean's favorite park is Epcot, more specifically, the World Showcase. We ate at the Tangeriene Cafe. (counter service). We looked around the shops there in Morocco...

... then took the boat back across the lake to Future World where we rode Ellen's Energy Adventure and Speedway. Outside the Speedway they displayed lots of great cars. This was the one Kai claimed:
We then walked back to the Showcase from the other side visiting Mexico which has a ride in the restaurant inspired from the Disney cartoon 'The Three Caballero's'. Norway had a ride, too, called 'Maelstrom' which was fun. Here are my little vikings:
(One of the things that was cool was that they had 'Kidcots' throughout the Showcase. These were tables where they could make a mask and add a different decoration at each stop. They enjoyed that.)

We saw street acrobats perform in Japan, walked through China and Italy stopping at shops along the way, until eventually coming to France where we had dinner reservations at La Chefs De France. It was delicious, one of our favorite dining experiences. By the time dinner was over, the laser show 'Illuminations' was beginning so Dean took the kids outside while I took care of the check and finished my dessert, Creme Brulee, the best I've ever had! Therefore, I did not get any pics of Illuminations. I didn't really feel the need since I had pics from Dean's and my trip to Epcot when he ran the marathon. At this point the park closes and of course Roan was once agan asleep!
I must say, the kids did really great! I was all geared up for complaining about all the walking, being bored in lines, etc., but they really didn't, hardly at all! With all the late nights, endless walking, and an average of 3-4 hours less sleep every night then they're used to, I was amazed.

Tomorrow, Animal Kingdom!

Roan Quote: "Someday, can we go to the 1960's?" (I have no idea where that came from!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your entries about your trip. You are going to be so happy to have all that detail in years to come! Are you making a hard copy for your scrapbook? I love you all and am so happy that you had such a wonderful time. Love, Mom (Grammy)