Sunday, November 8, 2009


Roan was very excited to participate in his first cubscout camping trip! I was excited (and a little nervous, truth be told) to be going with him! We arrived at Camp Barstow in the pouring rain, but it soon stopped. Fortunately we were the first ones to arrive at our particular campsite so I was able to assemble our brand new tent for the very first time without an audience! It went pretty well, actually. Here is Roan in front of our tent with a couple friends. This was one of the happy surprises of joining the cubscouts. It turns out three of Roan's school friends are in his den! Pictured above are Hayden and Riley. After opening ceremonies, we took off for the first of our activities. Roan learned how to shoot a B.B. gun and even hit the target 3 times! Next was Archery:He also played games, decorated a pumpking, got his face (and arms!) painted, and climbed a rock wall!
(Above is Roan's third friend, Caleb, who arrived a little late.)
Occasionally Roan would run ahead of me because I was apparently too slow. He kept running ahead and yelling, "MOM, come on!" This is significant because he was calling me mom for the first time, not mommy. *Sigh* They all grow up someday, don't they?

At this point we returned to the campsite and hung out for a while before dinner. The boys had so much fun running around, watching the fire, playing in the woods and swingin on vines!After dinner we all went to the council circle for a bonfire, skits, songs, etc. then departed for a walk through the Haunted Forest. Roan really enjoyed that part.
When we got back to camp, we made a few smores then crashed. Roan was very excited to sleep in the tent. He slept like a log. I slept, well, not much! It was fun, though. Next morning after breakfast, we packed up and went home. I think I can honestly say I look forward to next time!

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