Sunday, November 8, 2009


On Saturday morning, I woke up and eventually made my way to facebook. I noticed a friend had just updated that she was going to the airshow. I hadn't even heard there was going to be one but I had recently been thinking how fun it would be to go again. Last time we went, Kai was 4, Alyssa was 6 and Roan was only about 6 wks old! So I immediately looked up the info, showed Dean, and we decided spontaneously to go.
It was so much fun. We saw jets, apaches, tanks, and so much more.
And not just current day either. They had stuff dating all the way back to the Civil War! Alyssa was in the middle of a school project on Vietnam and was excited to see things she was learning about in person. They also did search and rescue demonstrations. It was all very exciting!
The kids also enjoyed getting to climb inside jeeps, tanks, helicopters, etc. We love the airshow!

Roan Quote:

(FYI, I apologize if some may consider the following to be a bit TMI, but this is essentially my journal and I want it recorded)

Dean recently had a vasectomy and as we have always been forthcoming about certain things, he explained to the boys what that meant. Roan came to me later and told me that "the doctor cut the two tubes in the ball things in daddy's private spot!"

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