Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tri-Dac Showcase Festival

Last Saturday, we went to Alyssa's Tri-Dac Showcase Festival. She had so much fun these last three weeks. Each week they covered a different form of art. For her first week, she took Digital Photography where she not only learned about photography itself, but also how to manipulate photos in photoshop. They all had to design a Time Magazine cover:
This is another project they all did:

They even went on a field trip downtown to the State Capitol to take pictures. She really enjoyed this class.

The second week she took pencil sketching which was actually her 3rd choice but she enjoyed it. She started out frustrated. They were practicing shading techniques. She does not have the patience for this. (Wonder where she got that from???) But throughout the week she started telling me her project was looking better and by the end of the week she was happy with it: I think she did a great job! Even though this class wasn't her first choice, I think it's good that she had this opportunity to brush up on these skills.

The third week was her favorite, I think. She took metal sculpting. The students were not allowed to do the actual cutting or welding, but they design the project, chose the pieces, and directed where to cut and weld. They were told they could make anything they want but one good idea was to make one animal turning into another. Alyssa has done this before with papier mache' and loves animals so she went with it. Anytime you give Alyssa free hand in subject matter, her subject is bound to involve a dragon. So, she decided to make a bird turning into a dragon. She had a lot of fun with this class. She even made her name out of scrap metal.

At the end of Tri-Dac we went to the Showcase Festival. First we went to the auditorium to see the dance portion. Afterwards, before dismissing everybody to the Art Exhibit they announce the awards. There were 100 students in the Visual Arts portion of Tri-Dac. Each student had at least 3 projects. In many cases 4 or five projects. Out of all of these they gave 8 awards for outstanding achievement. The prize was a gift certificate for art supplies. Alyssa recieved one of these awards for her dragon sculpture!We were so happily surprised! Even Alyssa had no idea! After being dismissed from the auditorium we all made our way to the Atrium for the Art Exibit.
Do you see the size of that thing? Where are we going to put it? ;) Great job, Alyssa! We're proud of you!

Roan Quote: “Daddy, I don’t want to finish my snow cone. I want to eat it forever.”

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