Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!

We've had a nice week, how about you? Last Wednesday, I went with Roan's preschool class to a classmate's house for an Easter Egg Hunt and games. They had a lot of fun. Then Saturday, there was another one with my church. Kai came along and was a good big brother. They played games, blew bubbles and even flew a kite! Yesterday, for Easter Sunday, we took pictures before we went to church.
Saturday, the temperature was in the seventies, Sunday morning it was in the 50's! Alyssa was COLD! Yeah, yeah, I know, sweater, whatever.

The service was really good. Alyssa came into big church with me and had her first taste of coffee! In about one inch of coffee she had a french vanilla creamer and added sugar, she said she liked it. Well, who wouldn't? LOL! Like some coffee with your sugar? She wanted more. I said no! Later Brandy & family came over for dinner. It was delicious!For dessert I made a cake but it wasn't as yummy as it looks IMHO. I wanted angel food cake but they only had one small one left. They did have strawberry angel food cake, so I bought it and made a four layer cake alternating pink and white layers. The filling between layers was whipped cream, vanilla pudding, and pineapple. The cake was frosted with whipped cream with strawberries on top. Sound good? Unfortunately, the strawberry angel food cake was not very good and ruined the whole thing for me. Humph. Here's a picture anyway.

I hope you all had a great Resurrection Weekend!


Anonymous said...

The pics are great! And the cake looks better than you described it - One could eat around the part you didn't like! I'm glad you had a great weekend - we did too, but ours was quieter! We went out to eat with our friends the Fisks at Texas Roadhouse and then had our meeting in the evening. Love to all, Mom (Grammy)

Andrea said...

Love the pics! But really? How could you ??? Your daughter is FREEEEEEZING !!!

Dean said...

What a great day!

- Dean