Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've Converted

I’m no longer the person I once was.

My whole life I’ve been confronted by a certain lifestyle. It has constantly tried to tempt me wherever I’ve gone. I was convinced of its innate evil. I’ve even tried it a couple times, but have only confirmed my original opinion.

I was frustrated, constantly surrounded by people who had given in. I was on the outside looking in, always aware of the community around me. Society caters to these people like family. But I was alone.

Then, last Sunday, I was tempted once again. This time, I gave in. I am now one of them.


Andrea said...

welcome to the dark side!

Actually I prefer a light roast ;-)

Dean said...

T R A I T O R !!!

- D

Debby said...

Ooooooo. Wanna have coffee? Yippee...I love converts.