Monday, March 2, 2009

Question #8

What is a moment of Faith for me?
Journaling: When I was about 16, my cousin, sister, and two friends went to Camp Suwannee to be counselors. We had a great week. Before we left for home I joked around with a prayer “Lord, if we get in an accident, please let me be asleep!” On the way home we got in a car accident. Yes, I was asleep at the time. It was pretty serious. The car went through a barbed wire fence and flipped three times. This was an accident that easily could have killed all of us, but there were mostly only minor injuries. I was knocked unconscious. The accident occurred on property belonging to the local sheriff and occurred right across the street from a church. It was a Saturday, yet the pastor was outside talking to someone in a pickup truck. The pastor jumped in the back of the truck and they drove over to us. The dust was still settling when I awoke to the sound of the pastor praying for us. As we waited for the ambulance, my friends were walking around picking up their belongings off the ground. They wouldn’t let me move because I had blood all over me. Sherry found the tape recorder somewhere and put in the first tape she found to see if it still worked. The song playing was one of my favorite songs at the time, ‘Fear Not My Child’ by Carman. The ambulance arrived and took us all to the hospital. Everyone else was treated and released. During an x-ray they discovered I had a fractured skull. They decided to transfer me to Gainesville, FL which specialized in head injuries. It was a 2 hour ambulance ride away. During this time, our families had all been notified. They put me on the prayer chain at church. My parents drove up to meet me at the hospital. When I arrived, they gave me a CAT scan. There was no longer a fractured skull! During the two hour drive, while the people from my church were praying for me, I had been healed! I stayed at the hospital one night for observation, and then went home the next day with a large epidermal hematoma on my forehead and two black eyes, but no fractured skull. From the beginning, God took care of me. He even answered my flippant prayer about being asleep if we had an accident! I awoke to the sound of prayer and the song, ‘Fear Not’. Then, he healed me. Never at any time was I afraid. I felt completely safe in the arms of God. Interesting note: on the back of the car is our church bumper sticker ‘JESUS now more than ever’.

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Debby said...

Holy cow woman. That was horrid. But who your faith carried you thorugh is a miracle. BTW: I had a car accident Saturday. The car is mushed but everyont was okay.