Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Oscar Time!

On January 26th at 3:30am my sister, Andrea, gave birth to Oscar! He was ELEVEN pounds and 22 inches long! She tried so hard to get him out but he was just too big and ended up with a cesarean. Amy and I drove up to Raleigh because we wanted to be there when he made his first appearance. Everybody expected he would be born on the 25th. Amy and I were afraid we’d miss it, but things went a big longer than we anticipated! While poor Andrea was laboring, my dad, Amy and I hung out in the waiting room, ate at the cafeteria, surfed Dad’s computer and talked. It was actually a pretty cool time spent with my dad. Once Oscar arrived, we got to see him in the nursery and Andrea announced his name on her way to recovery. Then we all went home to get some rest. Amy and I finally went to bed about 6am! Later that afternoon, we went back to the hospital to get to know my new little nephew. The next day, after saying goodbye on the way out of town, we went home. He is now two months old! I miss him and want to see him again. I’m sure he has changed a lot. Here are some of my favorite pics that Andrea has taken since I saw him last:
I can't wait to see him again in a couple weeks! I miss you Oscar!

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Andrea said...

he can't wait to see you!