Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Decade and Counting

Kai is 10 years old! He’s a whole decade! His actual birthday was on a Wednesday, which is a BAD day for celebrating anything. We are way too busy. However, he had an early release day so Roan and I took him out to lunch at Chili’s. We even had a Chocolate Molten Mountain for dessert. I also took him to Barnes and Noble (at his request) where he bought a couple books.

His party had to wait until after Boston. We just had the party Friday night. He invited a couple friends over. He opened his presents first,

then we went to see the movie ‘Nim’s Island’. They enjoyed it. Afterwards, we went home for cake and ice cream.

The boys stayed for a sleepover. The theme for this party was Star Wars. Both of my boys are WAY into Star Wars these days. Saturday morning, they all beat up a Darth Vader Head piñata with light sabers!


(P.S. I just got back from the gym and I must say I had a hard time staying motivated due to the news channel reporting on VA Tornadoes, PA Church burning, L.A. Night club burning, 3 shark attacks in 3 days on the same beach in FL, a ‘smiley face’ serial killer, a daughter held captive by her father for 2 decades, a death from deliberately tainted Chinese supplied heparin and another school shooting. Can somebody change the channel please?)

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Debby said...

Happy B-day Kai...I love Star Wars too!!!