Thursday, December 6, 2007

Irmo Tree Lighting Ceremony

Tuesday night Alyssa's sang with the Honor Choir at the Irmo Tree Lighting Ceremony. She did great. Afterwards, they had hot chocolate and cookies. Then a fire truck arrived with Santa. It was a fun little evening!

Dean is going to Alabama tomorrow for another marathon. While he's gone, we'll probably drive through a living nativity and catch a movie or something. (I suppose I should throw a little house cleaning in there, too...) Also, Saturday, Alyssa has a rehearsal for her Christmas concert followed by Kai and Alyssa's Tae Kwon Do Christmas Open House.

Congratulations to my sister-in-law, Terri-Ann! Yesterday, she had a baby boy! His name is Evan. This is her third child. Alyssa was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a girl! Poor thing, I keep telling her that a baby girl won't be born 11 years old, and an infant would do her little good, but she doesn't care, she just sees that the cousins are woefully tilted toward the boy side. All together there are now 5 boys and 3 girls. Andrea, you are her last hope to even things out!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! We can only think of boy names so far though! So if we have a girl, she might be named Harvey or something! :-)


Anonymous said...

Well, boys names do tend to become girl names over time...

- Dean