Monday, August 13, 2007

Welome to Angie's Blog Part Deux!

Yesterday, Alyssa had her 'Welcome to Sixth Grade' Canoe trip with the youth group. Dean went too. It sounds like they had a lot of fun. There were about 20 people. They even stopped and swam at a water hole. I wish we had pictures, but didn't want to risk Alyssa's camera. It seems no one else did either....*sigh*. While Dean and Alyssa were out gallavanting, I took my boys out to lunch.

*picture of canoe trip would go here, if I had one. (sigh, again)*

Last night we watched the movie "The Ron Clark Story". It is a true story about a teacher (played by Matthew Perry) who made a big difference teaching in a school in Harlem. I watched this movie by myself and thought it was so good, I had Dean and the kids watch it too. Awesome movie, Dean and I highly reccomend it! (There is language, and one scene that is a bit intense, so maybe not the little ones. The story is about a sixth grade class, so let that be your guide. I showed it to my fourth and sixth graders, but not my 4 yr old.)

Today my goal is to visit both schools and show proof of residency so I won't have to stand in long lines at registration. I also need to go to the grocery store and clean my house. Will these things get done today? Time will tell...


Deborah said...

You didn't need to lose all the later posts. When I changed over to the new "blogger" I only lost my counter and slide show and they were easy to reinstate. I believe you could have changed the name also. I'm keeping both your blogs bookmarked so I can refer back to the good ole' days.

Andrea said...

So did it all get done?? I'm a big fan of lists these days. And not finishing them :-)

Angie said...

Deborah, yes-I did switch over but you don't get all the new bell and whistles unless the blog was created with the new system. :(

Andrea, Wellll...everything and more, except the cleaning...but what else is new?