Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Almost There.....

So, we have Alyssa all registered for 6th grade and got Kai all set last night. We've finished the school supply shopping and clothes shopping, and haircuts and Dr. appointments and BOY am I ready to go to the grocery store without all three kids! But the unfortunate balance to that is getting up at o'dark thirty in the morning and let's not forget homework. (Please, CAN we forget the homework?) *Sigh* Anyway, Thursday is the first day of school. When we pick them up we will leave straight for Raleigh for Andrea's wedding! The kids will just have to miss their second day of school. They're really bummed about that. (cheering and dancing in the background)

Sunday afternoon was our church picnic. It was a lot of fun. The kids swam in the lake the whole time. There were canoes, paddle boats, kayaks, even a floating trampoline! Our resident scientist even did some cool demos. This is one called 'The Sacrificial Gummy Bear'. Kai yelled out "WHY do the good die young?" LOL, yup, this one takes after his dad!

A few weeks ago, we finally made our reservations for our trip to Disney, and today I paid in full! We are all so excited. We've been saving up for five years! Roan wasn't even born yet when we first started talking about it. I grew up going to the Magic Kingdom, but have only been to Epcot once! Dean went to the Magic Kingdom once when he was twelve and to Epcot once. Neither of us have been to the other two parks. The kids have never been, so we're having so much fun planning for this trip.

The next time I post, I'll have wedding news! (and pics)

Roan Quote: Dean walked through the living room and belched. As he turned around to say excuse me, Roan said, "THAT was uncalled for!"

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Deborah said...

You go Roan! Love that kid.