Saturday, February 20, 2010

NYC: Day 3

Friday was another beautiful day! We decided to do the Statue of Liberty first. So we hopped on the subway which was very crowded with Yankees Fans. There was a ticker tape parade celebrating their World Series win and the parade was starting right next to where we were going. It was fun and a little scary being squeezed so tightly in the middle of the Yankees crowd!
When we got off the subway we staked our spot for the parade. We just wanted to see the ticker tape! It was pretty cool. After about 30 minutes we squeezed our way out of the crowd and went to get on the ferry. This was Alyssa’s first time seeing the Statue of Liberty. It was very cold and windy on the boat but we HAD to stand right in the front of the boat for the best view! When we reached the island, we decided to eat lunch first before looking around.
After we sat down, I realized I had forgotten to put ketchup on my burger, so I took my bun with me to get some ketchup. When I returned, all of two minutes later, Alyssa was running around the table frantically waving her arms. Her chicken strips and fries were scattered all over the table! I asked her what happened and she said the seagulls attacked! She had been taking a picture of one seagull when she felt a rush of wind and her food spilled all over the table as a gull dive bombed her food trying to steal a piece of chicken. As I laughed at her I reached down to put the bun on my burger, but the burger was gone, the WHOLE BURGER! Now she was laughing at me! Fortunately, they gave me another burger free of charge.

After lunch, we walked around the statue taking pictures. On the other side of the island, we stopped to feed the gulls some of Alyssa’s leftover fries. It was such a beautiful day. After returning to the mainland, we took the subway to the Empire State building. We reached the top just before sunset. It was beautiful.

Did you know that the spike at the top was built to be a landing platform for dirigibles?I had never heard that. It was only used once because it was deemed too dangerous. I recently watched the movie ‘Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow’ (really good, you should watch it) and noticed that at the beginning of the movie, they disembarked from the top of the Empire State Building.

After another fun-filled day, we went to bed. Tomorrow we are going home. Only one thing left on our agenda….

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