Thursday, May 28, 2009


In March, Alyssa auditioned for TriDac, the Tri-District Arts Consortium. Those who are chosen are invited to attend a wonderful three week program of intense study in their chosen field of art. They have vocal, instrument, dance, creative writing, and visual art. For Alyssa’s audition (she is interested in visual art), she had to present a portfolio of 5 pieces, go through an interview process, and attend a workshop where she created another project right there. She was NOT allowed to have help from art teachers or parents. I do not have a picture of the workshop piece. But of her original five, here they are:

1. 2D Self Portrait (Alyssa has recently been admiring Picasso and has been experimenting with his style)
2. 2D -Draw a rose illustrating Movement
3. 2D - Draw two different shoes against patterned cloth demonstrating shading and gradation. 4. 2D Depth5. 3D - Color (This is Alyssa’s preferred medium. She LOVES working with clay.) She was very nervous when we I dropped her off at the two hour auditions. (Parents were not allowed to stay) We found out a week later that she made it! She is very excited and can’t wait for July. Way to go, Alyssa!

While I'm at it I thought I'd include a few other art projects she has done this past year. This is a project where she had to find a small magazine photo and draw the object in the foreground (the toucan) while creating her own background:
With this next one, she had to find a picture of a boat in a magazine and paint it in watercolor:
Alyssa loves dragons. This past Christmas she got a 'How to Draw Dragons' book and these were the first two she drew!
She very obviously loves art!

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Andrea said...

Wow! Those are awesome! I can't wait to see what she does this summer! Congrats LissY!