Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diagram of Inexplicable Behavior

I know, the artistry is astounding. The bar at the top of this diagram is the screen in a movie theater. Obviously, the lines are the rows of seats. Those four little dots in a row in the middle are where my kids and I sat after entering a completely empty theater. The other two dots directly behind ours are where the mother and small child sat a few minutes later. At some point during the movie, the mother, who was sitting right behind me, put her daughter on her lap. Said daughter preceded to kick and push my seat until I turned my head enough times for the mother to get the hint and make her stop.

WHY, I ask you? With the whole theater empty around us, why did you sit THERE? It just doesn't make sense. I really would like to hear the logic behind your reasoning.


Anonymous said...

I get lonely in empty theaters.

Anonymous said...

You are sooo my daughter! Dad